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Is it Time to get a New Roof in Utah

When is it time to get a new roof many people only replace their roof once or twice in their lifetime. Because it’s a rare occurrence, many homeowners don’t know what to expect when they start a roof replacement project. Understanding this process will help relieve stress and make sure that the project will run as smoothly as possible.

How to Pick the Right Contractor

To find the right contractor for your new roof, you will want to meet with several contractors. Ask for quotes or bids from all of them. Compare the bids from the different roofing companies in Utah to help you decide what’s a fair price for your roof replacement.

The roofing companies that you hire must have an active license before work can begin, so check the license of each contractor during this bidding period. If you do get any bids from unlicensed contractors, don’t accept the bid. Even if the bid is less expensive, unlicensed contractors are unregulated, and you may have no recourse if the project goes wrong.  

Time to Sign a Contract

No roofer should replace your roof without a contract. The company writes the contract before the work begins and must be reviewed and signed by you and the roofing company.

When you read the contract, look for details like when work will begin, the address where the work will happen, how change orders will be handled, deposit amount, an itemized description of costs, and a total amount for the bid. Make sure to ask any questions you have before signing and approving the contract.

Get Permits

Permit requirements vary by community, but before a roof can be torn off and replaced in Utah, they must first pull a permit. If you’re simply adding a layer of shingles on top of another layer, a permit is not required.

The permit will ensure that the roofers install the roof to code and that they do the work properly. Once you’ve gotten a permit, the work must be inspected before they complete the project. Talk to your contractor to find out who will pull the permit and what the fees will be.  

Follow Your Roofers Instructions

Most roofers set expectations for homeowners before the job begins. This helps ensure that you know what your role in the roofing project will be.

Your roofing contractor may ask you to keep children and pets indoors while the work is taking place. Your contractor may also ask you to provide access to certain parts of your house at specific times or may require access to a power source. Follow all instructions to ensure that the work can begin safely and in a timely manner.

Get Change Orders In Writing

It’s common for roofers to remove the shingles to discover unforeseen damage underneath. Frequently these discoveries result in additional expenses to make repairs or replace certain parts of the house.

When unexpected expenses occur during a project, this is called a change order. Change orders should always be made in writing and signed by both parties to ensure that everyone agrees with what needs to be done and how much it will cost. Your roofing contractor’s change order may look a lot like a contract, containing details about costs, materials, and how the work will be modified.

Clarifying the Clean Up

Some contractors perform all clean up after the project is complete, others leave the clean up for the homeowner. Either way, this information should be outlined in the contract to ensure that you know what to expect when the contractor completes the work.

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