Tips To Make Your Roof Last

Your Roof is Our Roof.

Tips To Make Your Roof Last

Clean the Gutters – hire a professional or get gutter guards to keep your gutters clean.

Remove Leaves– clean up your roof if the leaves are in the valleys and or near chimneys.

Trim Overhanging Branches – a little tree-trimming goes a long way

Look and Listen

After a big wind or hail storm, its time to look at your roof. Listen – you may have heard something on the roof at night, give your roof a quick check to make sure everything’s still intact.

Look for:

  • Curling, loose, or missing shingles
  • Damaged flashing around vents, chimneys, skylights, and other openings

If anything seems amiss, ask Rock Solid Roofing for an inspection ASAP. Most problems are fairly easy to fix, but if you put them off and water gets in, the damage and costs escalate. Call today 1 (801) 798-5430.

TIP: You don’t have to climb a ladder to inspect your roof.

You can use binoculars.