Rock Solid Warranty

Your Roof is Our Roof.

Everything You Need to Know About a Roofing Warranty

Every reputable roofing company offers a warranty on their services. They know how to install a vapor barrier, lay shingles, organize roofing ventilation, etc. Their workmanship is part of the price you pay for your new roof. Shingle manufacturers, too, provide a warranty, provided the materials were installed by a reputable roofing company. That’s where Rock Solid Roofing comes in.

Rock Solid Roofing Warranty So can you see our warranty before you buy your new roof? Absolutely. Here’s the Rock Solid Roofing warranty.

This warranty is issued to the owner of the home or building located at the address below. Rock Solid Roofing warrants all workmanship furnished and installed by Rock Solid Roofing, against defects of workmanship for a period of Five Years from the date of completion thereof. Excluding; leaks caused by sheathing nails installed by others, work performed by others, acts of God, (hail, high winds, tornadoes, lightning etc), or accidents in which Rock Solid Roofing, has no control over.

If a problem ever occurs, the homeowner shall promptly notify Rock Solid Roofing. In the event that the problem is due to workmanship or defective materials, Rock Solid Roofing, will rectify the situation at no charge to the homeowner for the duration of this warranty. However, should repairs be necessary which not the results of defects in workmanship are or materials provided by Rock Solid Roofing reasonable charges will be incurred for such repair and/ or inspections. Repairs and/ or inspections completed by Rock Solid Roofing for defects not caused by workmanship or materials shall be paid within 30 days from date of invoice, failure to pay will release Rock Solid Roofing from any obligation under this warranty and customer shall, thereafter, have no legal right to make any claim or seek any remedy against Rock Solid Roofing whatsoever.

This warranty is limited to defective workmanship and materials provided by Rock Solid Roofing and shall not apply to any other defects in the roof, including but not limited to those caused by improper construction of the dwelling or base upon which the roof is laid, such as warped sheathing boards, cracking or undue expansion of the roof deck or building. Nothing in this warranty shall be construed to cover any damages to the dwelling or contents thereof, past or present mold and or abatement, after completion of the roof. Rock Solid Roofing shall have no obligation to perform any work or services under this warranty until the work and materials covered hereby are paid in full. Should customer fail to pay, or become past due, Rock Solid Roofing shall have no obligation to perform any work or services under this warranty until customer’s account is made current.

But what does that mean?

Yes, it’s legal jargon. We’re a business, and we want to protect that business so it’s around for decades more. But we try to keep our contracts as simple as possible so you can know exactly what you’re signing up for when you hire us to replace your roof. So here’s the breakdown, one paragraph at a time:

Rock Solid Roofing Contract Paragraph One: We Control What We Can
We do solid work. That’s part of why we named our roofing company Rock Solid Roofing. We guarantee our work. If a shingle moves in a wind storm, call us. We’ll make it right.

But we don’t control the weather, and no roof is indestructible. We can’t guarantee against a hail storm, falling tree branches, or an act of God. We do guarantee the roof is built to protect your roof from winds, rains and storms, but even we have limits on what we can cover. We don’t cover tornadoes, and other things beyond our control are out, too.

Rock Solid Roofing Contract Paragraph Two: 
If we made a mistake, we’ll make it right. Our roofers are among the best in the business. They’ve been doing it for years and have great experience. They know the intricacies of slopes and angles, and how to protect your home from the elements in every season. But they’re human, too. So if they make a mistake, we’ll fix it.

But we don’t cover mistakes other people make. So if your foundation starts sinking and the roof starts separating, we can’t warranty the work your home builder did. Similarly, we’re not perfect. If we made a mistake, we need to know about it, and sooner rather than later. If you wait months or years, it’s harder for us to recognize the mistake is ours instead of the elements, a storm, or a kettlebell from your CrossFit enthusiast neighbor who swore he could throw it over your roof.

Also, 30 days post installation for payment to Rock Solid Roofing. If you haven’t paid for the work, we need to fix that before we invest more time, energy, and money into your roof.

Rock Solid Roofing Contract Paragraph Three:
Same information as the previous paragraphs, with an added inclusion that we aren’t responsible for previous mold outbreaks, and a reiteration that if you are behind in your payments, we’re going to have a difficult time putting more time, energy, and money into maintaining your rooftop for you. 

That’s it. It’s small and simple. The contract focuses on what we can control and limits our responsibility on things we can’t control.

Every reputable roofing company in Utah offers a warranty. So, rest assured: your roof is going to cover you now and in the decades ahead.