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Your Roof is Our Roof.

From the People Who Know Us Best

Learn more about what defines Rock Solid Roofing from our customers. From fair and honest pricing, to friendly and helpful employees, Rock Solid Roofing is here for your roofing needs. Learn more by watching our videos, or reach out to us for a free estimate.

George’s Rock Solid Roofing Story

There’s an art and a science to installing a new roof. As an engineer, George knew a lot about construction and materials. So when he compared Rock Solid Roofing to their big box store competitors, he knew who he was going to choose. In his case, learning more about the competition meant there really wasn’t much competition at all.

Watch George’s Rock Solid Roofing Story

Vic and Michelle’s Rock Solid Roofing Story

Moving into the home she was raised in meant Michelle knew more about her home than most people. She knew the roof needed replacing, and she knew what she wanted. Because this was going to be the home she lived in for the rest of her life, she took great care to make sure Rock Solid Roofing lived up to their promises.

Watch Vic & Michelle’s Rock Solid Roofing Story

Our long-term warranty covers your roof when the rains come down and the floods come up. Our warranty, in writing, gives you peace of mind knowing we stand by every shingle we place.


Different homes have different needs. No two roofs are exactly the same. That’s why our personalized estimates let you customize what you need for your home to fit your style and your neighborhood.


Our roofing guarantee comes with every roofing system we install. If a shingle moves in a wind storm, call us. We’ll be there.

Noah’s Rock Solid Roofing Story

Older homes have intricate roofs, and leaking problems need attention sooner rather than later. Learn why Noah’s construction company uses Rock Solid Roofing for all of their roofing needs. 

Watch Noah’s Rock Solid Roofing Story

Tim’s Rock Solid Roofing Story

The neighbor’s notice when you have a major home repair, and Tim’s neighbor’s love the look of his new roof. From roofing repairs to construction of a new roof, Rock Solid Roofing makes your new roof look and feel incredible.

Watch Tim’s Rock Solid Roofing Story