Your Roof is Our Roof.


From certified recycling partners to sustainable material purchases, we use green construction techniques whenever available.


Certified. Insured. Bonded.

Rest assured knowing everyone working on your roofing project is protected and insured.

Our roofing guarantee comes with every roofing system we install. If a shingle moves in a wind storm, call us. We’ll be there.


Rock Solid Roofing is the kind of company that makes my parents proud.”

Learn more about what makes Rock Solid Roofing different from other Utah roofing companies.


Your Roof is Our Roof

It’s not just a slogan, it’s the way we think of our business. Our personal touch goes into every roofing system we install. We still celebrate every project with a handshake.


Have questions about metal vs asphalt roofs? Or what an ice dam is? Our sales staff can talk you through the particulars of your roof in a stress-free, approachable manner. We only hire the best.


Most of our roofers have been with us for a long time. Some have been with us for more than a decade. When you find a hard worker, you do what you can to keep them. That’s why experience matters.


Different homes have different needs. No two roofs are exactly the same. That’s why our personalized estimates let you customize what you need for your home to fit your style and your neighborhood.


Our long-term warranty covers your roof when the rains come down and the floods come up. Our warranty, in writing, gives you the peace of mind knowing we stand by every shingle we place.

Rock Solid Warranty

Warranties for every part of the roofing system, from vapor barrier to shingles to ventilation, come standard on every roof we install. 

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Client Testimonials

Our clients can tell you more about our services. Just ask if you want to speak to them. Our referral list gets longer with each roofing project we complete.

“I didn’t know the first thing when it came to shingles or roofing, so they had a lot of explaining to do. Their estimate was the one I felt best with. They talked me through the options, let Me pick out colors we liked, and helped me with the financing.”

Nephi Erickson

West Jordan, Utah

“They say free estimate, but it’s much more than that. They talked me through the condition of my roof, let me choose the type and style of shingle, and gave me a fair price. I’m going to be in this home forever, so I’m glad I chose Rock Solid Roofing.”

Judith Hind

Alpine, Utah

A wind storm blew off shingles years after our roof was installed. We thought it was going to cost us. But we called Rock Solid Roofing to look at the roof, and they just fixed it. Turns out, it was included in our original warranty. I guess you can buy peace of mind.

Pablo Gonzales

Park City, Utah

“It was the first house we tried to flip for a profit. We had no clue how bad the roof was until we owned it. We got lots of bids and felt best with Elliot from Rock Solid Roofing. He knew what he was talking about, and he was patient with our decision. And our new roof looks stunning.”

Kiya & Mitchell Peterson

Bountiful, Utah

“I used to roof houses years ago. I know how to do it. But it’s exhausting, and I don’t have to do it for myself anymore. I was content to bring the roofers some lemonade and let them do all the heavy lifting. When the project was complete, I gave it a good inspection. I couldn’t have done it better myself.”

Johnny Jackson

Salt Lake City, Utah

“We plan on leaving this house to our kids, so we wanted our roof to last as long as possible. We bought the Presidential Warranty to make sure the roof is going to last through storms and wind. 50 years from now, we like to think our kids will be glad we chose the best for our house.”

Jack & Eunice Kowalski

Provo, Utah

Enjoy the best roofing design and function combined together

Form and function go hand in hand for custom roofs. If you’re looking to finish your private cabin or add the finishing touches on your family home, let us help you get the perfect look with the perfect roof.


Learn About Roofing

Most people take their roof for granted. It keeps the wind and rain at bay, protects from lightning and hail, and contributes to making your home stylish and modern. And yet, every roofing project comes with question after question. Our blog can help you better understand roofing issues specific to Utah, and give you confidence in your roofing choices.

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