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Your Roof is Our Roof.

West Jordan, Utah

West Jordan, Utah is home to the eclectic Gardner Village and was the hometown of former world middleweight boxing champion Gene Fullmer. And it’s population has boomed with the development of Jordan Landing in the 2000’s and residences on the west side of town. With lots of new construction in the area, we get the…
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Saratoga Springs Utah

Saratoga Springs, Utah

Saratoga Springs is one of the fastest developing communities in Utah. Once on the outskirts of  the city, the 2000 census recorded 1,003 as its population. Just a decade later, its population had grown to 17,781. In a nod to its citizens, the Saratoga Springs library was started with a majority of donations from the…
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City of Alpine Utah

Alpine, Utah

Alpine, Utah has been growing for decades. Located on the slopes of the Wasatch range, it is home to notable Utahns Mike Lee and Lloyd Newell, and the nanotechnology company American Biotech. Aside from the larger-than-normal roof, this Alpine home was roofed with dark blue shingles to complement the existing color palette. The dark, subtle…
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