Asphalt or Metal: Which is Better for a Utah Roof?

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Asphalt or Metal: Which is Better for a Utah Roof?

What Are the Best Roofing Options for Homes in Utah?
Most people in Utah are looking for a high-quality asphalt roof. They’re cost effective, and increasingly energy efficient. They keep the rain and water out in wet months, and proper ventilation keeps the heat out in summer months. We get all four seasons in Utah, so it’s important that the roof is properly installed so homes are protected year-round.

Probably the best-looking roof, in my opinion, is one made from metal. Copper just looks gorgeous on the top of a home. As the elements react with the copper it leaves a blue-green patina on the copper that compliments a home. Copper is durable and lightweight. A copper roof really helps with the resale value on a roof.

What Are Some Downsides to Different Roofing Options?
But every roof has a downside. Copper is expensive, and metal roofs have to be installed correctly or you can end up with ice shooting down a ramp from a high distance that can damage landscaping, vehicles, or people. We can install snow fences and different things to keep that from happening, but all of that can add additional costs to the upfront costs of a roof.

Traditional shingles can run into problems with ice damming, and all shingle manufacturers and their warranties say they don’t warranty for standing water. Ice damming happens when you have a heated wall. In the wintertime, snow and ice on a roof is going to melt quicker inside the heated wall than it is on the other side. Then gravity pushes water into the gutter and it’s going to build up. That creates the ice dam. It’s something quality roofers know about, so we can protect against it.